Make every visit worthwhile

Start building the ultimate customer experience the moment your customers enter your premises. Empower your employees with the right tools to provide the best possible attentive in-store service to your customers. 

For organisations that take the lead in
the ultimate in-store customer experience.

A better customer relationship with Mydentity

Shift your focus from transaction to a better relationship with your customers.
Mydentity creates new opportunities to improve the in-store customer relationship.

Attentive Service

Accommodate your service to your customer's needs.

Customer Loyalty

Reward your customers
for a visit or in-store activity

Instore Marketing

Communicate with your customers through their smartphone while residing in one of your locations.


Reach out to your customers after a visit with a personal message.

Meet your new touchpoint: Customer Visit

Already convinced that your physical loyalty card or -app provides you all the customer information you'll need?
Then be ready to meet your new touchpoint: customer visit. 

Improve from transaction to visit

A customer registrered sales transaction at the Point of Sale provides you with information about individual purchase behavior. 
However, this information is only accessible at the end of a customer visit.
Mydentity improves your sales by identifying which customer is in-store the moment they enter your premises. 

Individual conversion

Every sales transaction is the result of a customer visit, yet not every customer visit leads to a transaction. 
Using Mydentity, you'll gain valuable insight in individual customer conversion
and have to opportunity to actively trigger actions based on this information.

The only true omnichannel experience

Customers come to expect a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. 

Then why wait to provide the individual service until the moment of transaction?

With Mydentity, the individual shopping experience starts the moment the customer enters your premises.

Mydentity Cx3 Technology

patented* customer engagement technology;

embedded in your own app or through our rebrandable Plug & Play solution

Rebrandable App and SDK

Our technology can be used whether or not your company owns a mobile application. The Software Development Kit can be embedded in existing mobile applications.

The ready to use rebrandable Mydentity App is available for organisations that require a cost effective custom App.



The perfect extension to any Point Of Sale that provides relevant real-time information of visiting customers.


It empowers your employees to help them provide the best possible service, a true personal approach that customers come to expect.


No longer does your organisation need to worry about a reliable and secure method to register customer visits. Our sensor is built for the sole purpose of secure, automatic and privacy friendly visit registration of customers. 


Our engineers have done the hard work of cross platform detection and will make sure the solution will keep functioning properly on a day to day basis.

* US Patent No. 10,893,378
EU PCT/NL2018/050410


Berni Ottjes - Creative Hair Director l'Oreal 

Mydentity truly enables a perfect customer experience from A to Z. It enables our stylists to focus on what they do best.

Get Started

Free trial

• Your company will be registered in the freely available Mydentity® App

free (30 dagen)

Plug & Play

• Mydentity® Sensor
• Mydentity Cx3 technology integration in the Mydentity
® App. 

* Dashboard for employees
• Extensible to support your existing loyalty system or POS.
• Support via online ticketing system/email
• Your company will be registered in the freely available 
Mydentity® App

from €55 
per location per month + € 299,- per sensor


• Mydentity® Sensor
• Mydentity® Cx3 technology
integration in your existing app
• Dashboard for employees
• Full operational service and monitoring
• Helpdesk
• Service Level Agreement
• API integrations possible with any external system   (POS, CRM, Marketing Automation etc)
• Optional visibility of your company in the freely available 
Mydentity® App

price on request

for organisations without a corporate app

Plug & Play : your own App-in-App

Your own app-in-app

With Mydentity Plug&Play your organisation will receive its own "app-in-app" in the freely available Mydentity app. Not only does this save you a costly development process, it provides the unique opportunity to show location based content like personal welcomes, promotions, videos and social media content.

See who is in store
Your content - location based
Enable your customers to make appointments, reservations or orders all through the app.
Privacy by Design

Frequently Asked Questions

How about customer privacy and GDPR?

Mydentity was built using the privacy-by-design principle as its basis. We consiously chose for a privacy friendly approach in the way customers interact with the application and companies they choose. Therefore, customers will always have complete insight in and control over the way comanies are allowed to use their data. Our technology only functions after explicit consent from customers.

How difficult is it to get started?
Can we use Mydentity in our existing corporate app?
Can we have custom app for our organisation based on Mydentity?

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As partner in the field of the omni-channel customer experience, we help organisations to build the ultimate in-store experience for the hyperlocal shopper with special attention to privacy and security.


Our organisation acts as a solid and reliable partner though our years of experience in building and maintaining large technology networks that aim to build the ultimate customer experience.